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Earth & Sky
Earth and Sky is short radio program that airs on many NPR stations. Right now (November, 2001) is a good time to check out the Earth & Sky website because of the early morning meteor shower that is expeced this month.

Before you proceed to the other links on this page, check out some of the icons that you see up and down both sides of your screen. When you click on any one of them, you will be transported to another site featured by EdgeviewNet.

The sites listed below are web pages about the Leonid meteor shower that typically occurs in November each year. There are also links to pages about other Near Earth Objects that are interesting sites to browse.

Local Leonid Viewing Times
Meteors-Background Facts
The NEAR Mission
The "Heavenly Ratio"
Leonid Meteor Shower
More about the Leonids
SPECIAL REPORT: Leonid Shower 2001
A History of the Leonids
Asteroid Photos-Mathilde
NEAR Photos of Earth
The "Stealth" Asteroid
Timelines-new topic
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